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Suggestions on what's on the pictures:

1: The pictures are a lot easier to make out on the vinyl cover. G-5 looks like a metal toy dirigible with "Zep" on the side. Led Zeppelin. Get it?

There's also a picture around d-10 or somewhere (I don't have the album with me) of a contraption for dispensing liquor. It's a little grey statue of a boy on a pedestal taking a leak. Guess where the liquor comes out. The picture is sideways. My parents had one.


2: I have no idea if this has been said before but it looks like some of the eye's on the cover of No Code are the band members eyes. You can see that one eye looks like Eddie's, one eye looks like Stone's with glasses on, and one eye looks like Mike's....I know this may sound silly but considering the Red Black Yellow eye looks like Dennis Rodman's eye....just in case your wondering where I think it is, its on the far left side 5 from the top of the opened cd cover.....


3: Re:2

Not only do I think that one is Dennis Rodman's eye, but I think the upside-down nostril w/ the nose ring on the cover is Rodman's nostril! It's actually pretty obvious if you have the BRY single, because there are 3 polaroids pictured in it, which are of Rodman (99% sure), except only 2 are on the No Code cover.

4: Three of the Polaroids on the cover of No Code look like someone had a melanoma cut out. There's one with a dodgy looking mole on someone's skin, another with an eye-shaped piece of skin cut out by a scalpel, and another of the same bit of skin stitched up. Eddie been out in the sun too much you think?