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A man falling from a windowA man in the ocean reaching for a rope from above or from hail hail singleA dog's eyeAn eyeMike McCready spitting bloodBlood in a sink. The same blood spit by Mike McCready in 'O' set

A cartoon-like drawingDescription not availableA painting of a mouthA gold capped toothA face with a rope in front of itA man with a jig-saw puzzle tattooed on the side of his face

A blue marbleRemains of chickenA ripened bananaA painting of stars, an eye, and archesA glass of beer or bottom of saucepanA piece of skin cut out lying next to the hole

Cigarette buttsPart of a transformer boxA face with a rope in front of itTwo keys from a typewriterEddie Vedder taking a picture of himself in a rear view mirror