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Pictures from Stockholm....

1110rem.jpg 1111rem.jpg
This is the snobby and classy
Grand Hotel where they lived and
played the concert during their
Stockholm stay.We went into
the hall "Vinterhagen", (where they
played") on the backside of this
hotel...More about the concert?
My review
Michael smiles and are in a vere good
mood during the whole concert. He
made jokes all the time and talked
about more serious issues...He
talks about that the Koala-bears are
the highest form of life (!)...and so on
Look at all the things he said during
the concert: What did Michael say.
The day after the concert in Stockholm...Doing
interview after interview...Talking about the
hard time after Bill left the band, who helped
them...Michael said for instance"That Thom
Yorke, Patti Smith, Eddie Vedder, Courtney
Love and Grant Lee Phillips was very helpful in
the writing-process..."I have some interviews
on tape...Want to trade? Mail me...

These two pictures are taken by David Ersmarker, Sweden. Visit his page

at Chronic town

Sorry, that's all for now...but I'm working on some more pictures...